Lorenzo Watson is an active member in the CCDA community. He graduated from NC State University and Shaw University Divinity School with a BS in Computer Engineering and an M.Div respectively. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Higher Education at NC State University. He resides in Kerrville, Texas, with his wife, Natarsha Sanders.

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A Call for a (W)holistic Approach to Education Equity

by Lorenzo Watson 11-15-2019

Students walk on campus at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, FILE PHOTO: Sept. 20, 2018. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Higher education student loan debt has become a hot topic in the current political debate, with several presidential candidates calling for either full or partial student loan forgiveness. And as student loan debt levels reach historic highs, it is clear this is a problem worth solving. One only needs to look back to the Great Recession to see how widespread out-of-control debt can shock the entire U.S. economy. The student loan debt crisis does not exist within a vacuum, however, and can be compounded by several issues that also need addressing.