Linda McCullough Moore, winner of a Pushcart Prize, is author of four books and hundreds of shorter works. She mentors writers and is completing a novel and a collection of her poetry.

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Rooster's Crow

by Linda McCullough Moore 12-28-2022
A poem.
An illustration with an orange background of a vibrantly colored rooster cawing.

CSA Images / Getty Images

This morning it is minus six degrees.
The old woman at the corner with her bundles
says yes to a ride, but is, at first, unwilling
to say where. Then she does say and tells me
as a girl her grandmother kept three hundred chickens
which she tended every morning before school.

She says a Chinese man would come to separate
the roosters from the hens. Apparently they look alike.
In storybooks there’s no mistaking, but it seems
in real life, one must be outed by his crow.