Kiran Thadhani

Former Circulation/Resource Center Assistant Intern at Sojourners

E.B. White once said, “I get up every morning determined to both [LOVE] the world and have one hell of a good time,” and well, I don’t have better words to explain the daily dilemma of my soul. Sure, you could write me off as your cliché dreamer type, but I will still live to seek beauty and truth in the depths of pain and hell that is reality in this world.

I have come to the Capitol City from Atlanta, Georgia, but have also lived in New Mexico, Japan, Boston, Massachusetts, and Amman, Jordan. The honor in spending time in each of these places has severely shaped my perspectives and added so much to my life. Most recently, I spent time in Jordan working at a Palestinian Refugee Camp and I am still processing the beauty of practicing honor for God and people within that community.

Lastly, I believe in Jubilee. It is a critical concept I seek to believe, practice, and embody. The definition of Jubilee from the Torah sets a precedent for the scandal of Grace. Practicing Jubilee gives me a better understanding of my personal worth and worthlessness as member of the human family and the copious amounts of Grace that we all do sit in.

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Who Goes to Hell is Not the Most Important Question

by Kiran Thadhani 03-16-2011
"Reality check: Gandhi's in hell."
"Really? Gandhi's in hell? And we have confirmation of this?"

Peace For Me Must Also Mean Peace For My Neighbor

by Kiran Thadhani 01-26-2011
"To win the future" was a catch phrase for President Obama during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.