Kelly Palmer is a narrative therapist, bestselling author (w/a Michelle Kelly) and 'ordinary radical' attempting to follow the teachings of Christ. She is currently studying an Masters of Divinity in Feminist Theology and exploring the roots of addiction as internalized oppression.

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A ‘Cross to Bear’ Means Actively Embracing the Cost of Following Jesus

by Kelly Palmer 02-16-2018

Jesus told his disciples to “take up their cross and follow me” a year before his trial and execution. And his disciples at that time would have heard it very differently from the way we interpret it today. To the disciples, a cross wasn't a symbol of atonement, forgiveness, or forbearance — it was an official mode of execution, by oppressors and occupiers. It was an instrument of terror. Jesus' words to the disciples were not just a warning. They were an exhortation to follow him anyway, in complete defiance of the very worst anyone could possibly do to us.