Kate Sosin is the LGBTQ+ reporter for The 19th, focusing on transgender rights, incarceration, politics and public policy. Kate has conducted deep-dive investigations into transgender prison abuse and homicides for NBC News. They previously worked at Logo TV, INTO and Windy City Times.

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Faith Groups Are Helping Protect Pride Events With De-escalation Trainings

by Kate Sosin, The 19th 06-18-2024

Frankie Leigh (right) and Skye Michelle hold a pride flag in front of protesters at Douglas County Pride in Roseburg, Oregon, in July 2023. Image courtesy of Frankie Leigh to The 19th and republished with permission. 

It was a simple wave that changed things for Frankie Leigh. Last summer’s Douglas County Pride festivities were wrapping up. It had been eight hours in near 90-degree heat, eight hours of picketers yelling at Leigh that they were going to hell. And just as the crowds were scattering, a protester called to Leigh. “See you next year!” Leigh couldn’t help but laugh. “It was that realization of like, I am going to see you every year,” Leigh said. “And I’ll probably see you in the grocery store and at the school board meeting and at these other places, too.”