Rev. Kate Jones Calone is a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who directs Open Door Exchange, an outreach program at Setauket Presbyterian Church on Long Island (NY). She previously practiced law in the area of criminal justice.

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When the Wise Men Refused to Collaborate With Empire

by Kate Jones Calone 01-06-2017

The wise men decided not to collaborate in facilitating Herod’s raid on the holy family. No doubt God would have found another way to protect Jesus, to ensure that Jesus grew up to accomplish his saving work in the world. But it is significant to acknowledge, especially in our particular moment in time, that God chose to move this salvation story forward through these holy non-collaborators. Somehow the wise men realized, whether by recognizing Herod’s duplicitousness or taking seriously the warning that came to them in a dream, that it would be unjust and unwise to serve as Herod’s enforcers.