Kat Armas is a Cuban-American writer and podcaster from Miami who holds a dual MDiv and MAT. Her first book, Abuelita Faith: What Women on the Margins Teach Us About Wisdom, Persistence and Strength sits at the intersection of women, scripture, and Cuban identity (link to preorder). She also explores these topics on her podcast, The Protagonistas, which centers the voices of Black, Indigenous, and other women of color in church leadership and theology.

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The Liberating Theology of Our Abuelitas

by Kat Armas 07-07-2021

Abuelita theology is birthed from the reality that in Latine religious culture, matriarchal figures serve as the core of preserving and passing on religious traditions, beliefs, practices, and spirituality within the family.

Existing Intentionally With the Land

by Kat Armas 04-26-2019

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All of us have witnessed the detrimental effects of mass production and consumption that Brueggemann talks about, not only in the anxiety that fills our daily lives, but in the destruction of the very earth that sustains us. Because of this, we understand that not only tending the earth, but connecting to nature around us can also be a form of resistance, similar to that of rest.