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Forgiveness Without Borders

by Kara Scroggins 04-23-2021

“The story of the gospel is a story of an unprecedented experiment in mass forgiveness. And if that’s what saves us, then that is what we preach, and live, and practice — in our personal lives and out in the public square. We practice it by canceling debts that are owed to us, and by advocating for the cancelation of debts that oppress our brothers and sisters in poverty. We practice it by releasing grudges that we hold against church members, and friends, and family, and by dismantling bias and systemic racism, acknowledging and addressing how it lives in each one of us.”  

Choose This Day

by Kara Scroggins 04-22-2021

“Choose this day what kind of people we’ll be, Joshua says. What kind of church will we be? What kind of nation will we advocate for? Joshua encourages us to choose life. Choose to be people of justice, instead of people of exploitation. Choose to be people who value collective belonging, instead of self-sufficiency. Choose to be people who extend grace; who walk humbly; who protect the vulnerable.”