Kaitlin Barker Davis is a writer and editor from Portland, Oregon, where she works in communications at an immigrant and refugee assistance agency. Her essays have appeared in Narratively and The Rumpus and she received her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Seattle Pacific University. She was a Sojourners intern in 2008-2009. 

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We Must Keep Standing Up to Hate

by Kaitlin Barker Davis 06-06-2017

Image via Kaitlin Barker Davis 

I barely slept the night of the stabbing. It was a hot night, and I could hear the train tracks through our open windows. The last time I slept (or didn’t sleep) like that was election night. It was freezing, the windows closed, but the same nauseating dread kept my head buzzing, my jaw locked, my eyes open. Except that on election night it was the fear of the world I would wake up to that kept me awake. Now we know exactly what that world looks like.