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Judah Thomas is the Worship Director at Faith Living Church in Plantsville, CT where he leads teams of volunteers in technical and creative arts. He has been in ministry for over 15 years and enjoys making music and being in the outdoors. He lives with his wife Carey and three wildly creative children. You can connect with him on his blog http://www.judaht.com or follow on Twitter @judahrthomas.

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The Hidden Plague the World Has Missed

by Judah Thomas 02-07-2014
Photo Courtesy of IJM

Violence is a deeper, much darker, problem below the surface of poverty. Photo Courtesy of IJM

When we think about the poor of the world our thoughts often drift toward starvation, unsafe water, malaria, and lack of medical attention. These thoughts will likely move us to taking action in a variety of ways. We give farming skills and equipment, we drill wells, we provide mosquito netting, and doctors volunteer their time to help treat the poor of the world.

All of these things can be helpful and beneficial but there is a deeper, much darker, problem below the surface of poverty. The problem is violence. Gary Haugen, the founder of International Justice Mission, recently released a new book titled The Locust Effectwhich documents the plight of the poor in developing countries.

What benefit is it to provide schooling for girls that refuse to attend because many of them get raped when they attend? How can a micro-loan help a father provide for his family when he gets thrown into prison for a crime he didn't commit and can't afford to bribe the law enforcement? How is a mother supposed to care for her children when her home is taken away from her by her husband's family once he dies?