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Mercy Me

by Josh MacIvor-Andersen 03-09-2015
In the gospels, at least, not a sparrow falls to the ground without God's attune.

I STOLE MY brother’s pellet rifle when I was 6 because it was an upgrade from our old lever-action BB gun. I just wanted to hold it, to feel its heft.

I put a single pellet from a plastic tray in the chamber, the same way I had seen him do it, set the tray on the ground and cocked the gun with a click and a click. I pumped the forestock until the gun felt air-filled and lethal.

I wondered if it would hurt my shoulder. The kickback.

I leaned my head toward the barrel and closed one eye and leveled the gun at the thick canopy of a crab apple tree growing too close to the barn. The gun gave a swift exhale, and the pellet thwacked into the branches.

A second later, a red-breasted robin tumbled from the tree.

Talking for Change

by Josh MacIvor-Andersen 09-01-2008
Student activists are finding that sometimes conversation, not confrontation, is the way to make a difference.