Jordan is pursuing an M.Div. at Union Theological Seminary in New York, N.Y., where he (somehow) merges his interests in Afro-futurism, Black and Latin American liberation theology, libertarory storytelling, and mysticism.

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‘Dancing in the Darkness,’ Even in Our Despair

by Jordan T. Jones 01-30-2023

Image of Otis Moss III's book, Dancing in the Darkness (2023). Image credit Betsy Shirley.

In Dancing in the Darkness, Moss urges readers to move through the sorrow of the blues to what he calls “jazz politics” — one of collaboration, community participation, and dialogue: “If we had a jazz version of democracy in our politics, where each of us could play all our notes, even the blue notes, and contribute them to the music of the whole, then dialogue and honest debate would be the norm rather than demonization and incivility.”