John Fife was a member of the original Sanctuary Movement and was a co-founder of the immigrant rights group No More Deaths. He served as a minister for 35 years at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson. In 1992 Fife was elected General Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA). He is now pastor emeritus at Southside Presbyterian. In the 1980s John Fife co-founded the Sanctuary Movement in the U.S. The movement organized over 500 churches to help the refugees cross the border and find sanctuary. In 2004 a group of religious leaders in Tucson formed a coalition called No More Deaths to attempt to end the deaths of immigrants along the US/Mexico border. John Fife was among the leaders of that effort and continues to work closely with No More Deaths.

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Why Is the U.S. Government Criminally Charging a Humanitarian Aid Volunteer?

by John Fife 06-05-2019

Scott Warren, a human rights volunteer facing criminal charges. Courtesy No More Deaths/Handout via REUTERS

Dr. Scott Warren is defending himself against three felony charges including conspiracy to transport and harbor migrants — charges that could add up to 20 years in prison.

False Security

by John Fife 02-01-2011
U.S. militarization of the border takes a stark toll in lives, human rights, and money.

U.S. Militarization of the Border Provides False Security

by John Fife 01-24-2011
You can't miss the barrage of headlines detailing the drug cartel war in Mexico.