John Duffy grew up in Maryland. He is now an English/Social Studies teacher living in Pennsylvania. He is a member of Christ Church (United Church of Christ) in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. He writes about music, culture, history, and the places they intersect. He recently presented papers on Bruce Springsteen and the Tragically Hip at academic conferences at Monmouth University and the Mid-Atlantic American and Popular Culture Association.

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Kurt Kaiser's Music Changed My Life and Moved a Generation

by John Duffy 11-27-2018

Volodya Senkiv / Shutterstock

On November 12, news broke that Christian songwriter Kurt Kaiser had died at 82. His work, which included memorable songs such as “Pass It On” and “Oh How He Loves You And Me,” spanned nearly 50 years. Kaiser’s name appeared on more than 25 albums and he received a lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers for his contribution to Christian music. One of his songs remains one of the most important in my life, some 30 years after first hearing it.