Joel Hunter

Dr. Joel C. Hunter is senior pastor of Northland Church in Orlando, Florida.

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United We Stand

by Joel Hunter 12-01-2011

The solution must be a partnership among all of us.

My Three Hopes for Obama

by Joel Hunter 11-05-2008
Dear Mr. President,

You have my active and prayerful support. In addition, I am hoping you will:

Suspicious of the Green Gospel?

by Joel Hunter 08-01-2007

Highly suspicious. That's what I was.

I was invited to a meeting whose participants were considering proposing something along the line of "Green Gospels." After all, I am an evangelical, and being involved in anything that has to do with treating the scriptures with a particular perspective carries with it the danger of perverting the original intent.

What the Candidates Forum Could Have Been

by Joel Hunter 06-11-2007

OK. I've got to admit it - being a part of the panel to ask candidates for the presidency of the United States about their faith and moral values was just plain surreal. Kudos to Jim Wallis (and Jack Pannell and the rest of the Sojourners organization) for creating this historic event!