Joe Kay

Joe Kay

Joe Kay is the associate minister at Nexus United Church of Christ, Butler County, Ohio. He also writes a weekly blog at His email address is listed on the blog, in case you care to contact him directly.

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Drinking the Poison of White Nationalistic Violence

by Joe Kay 03-20-2019

People visit at a memorial site for victims of Friday's shooting, in front of the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand March 18, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

The struggle against hatred is as old as humans, and it will continue after each of us is gone from the planet. But God has given us this moment to join the struggle against the ideologies that that inflict such evil upon our families, our communities and our world.

Love Emerges From Our Ashes

by Joe Kay 03-05-2019

Scripture reminds us that we’re formed from the dust of earth and thus bound intimately to all creation. Science describes how in our elemental form, we’re made of the same stuff as everything in the universe. Yes, we’re earth dust and star dust, too. Everything follows a path of endless transformation.

Adults Have a Responsibility to Educate Against Hate

by Joe Kay 01-24-2019

John M. Chase /

Let's ask ourselves: Are we adults doing the best we can to teach young people what they need to know? What daily example are we setting for them in how we act and which leaders we endorse?

The Story of the Magi Is an Invitation. Will We Show Up?

by Joe Kay 01-07-2019

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

The Magi finally appeared in nativity scenes over the weekend. Soon, if not already, they’ll be packed and stored away until next year’s Epiphany, which is a shame. These late arrivers are some of the most provocative, prophetic, and polarizing figures in the Christmas story, and we need to learn their lessons and carry them forward.

Mary's Defiant 'Let It Be'

by Joe Kay 12-19-2018

The Jesus story begins with a young woman who also hears many critical voices around her. Mary lives in a culture that tells women they’re more property than persons. Galilee is considered the armpit of her society. Her religion portrays God as mostly a distant and disinterested deity.

Our Work Isn’t Done When Election Day Is Over

by Joe Kay 11-06-2018

Photo by Casey Robertson on Unsplash

Vote today. Choose the candidates you think represent the best chance to bring God’s values of love, inclusion, justice, healing, and compassion into our world.

Death Cannot Separate Us From Love

by Joe Kay 11-01-2018

Creation is all one thing, like a giant blanket. There are many threads on the blanket, all woven tightly together. When someone dies, they move from one thread to an adjacent one, but they’re still wrapped snugly around us, and not just in some metaphorical way. 

Are Your Words Prophetic or Poisonous?

by Joe Kay 10-31-2018

We’ve gotten yet another reminder of the power of words in the past few days. A man immersed in racist words killed black people in a Kentucky grocery store. A man immersed in fearful words sent bombs to people labeled as threats. A man immersed in anti-Semitic words killed Jewish people in their synagogue.

You Still Have the Power to Change the World. Use It

by Joe Kay 10-10-2018

Do you feel powerless to challenge and change the deeply entrenched privilege that was on display last week? Don’t give into that feeling. You have the power to change the world. Look at how it’s changing already.

Thinking We Are Powerless Is Abandoning Faith

by Joe Kay 08-28-2018

Image via REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Jewish wisdom reminds us that we can’t be daunted by the world’s grief, but instead we are required to respond to it by acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly. We’re not obligated to complete the work of transformation, but we’re never free to abandon it, either.