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Rev. Jesse Jackson is founder and president of Rainbow PUSH Coalition. 

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Peace on the Korean Peninsula Is Still Possible

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, by Jesse Jackson 12-19-2019

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Panmunjom, South Korea, June 2019. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Today, the space to negotiate peace on the peninsula remains accessible as both Koreas and the United States are not only aiming for peace and denuclearization, but on genuine economic cooperation.

Peace in Korea Requires Diplomacy, Not Provocation

by Jesse Jackson, by Grace Ji-Sun Kim 05-25-2018

People watch a TV broadcasting a news report on a cancelled summit between the U.S. andNorth Korea, in Seoul, South Korea, May 25, 2018. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

The historic meeting was set for June 12 in Singapore, but was cancelled by Trump this month. The U.S. approach to this meeting was concerning. Trump felt that the U.S. did not have to do anything to prepare for the June meeting. He  continues to keep a military presence in South Korea with joint U.S. and South Korean military exercises that have always been a threat and irritation to North Korea. The mere presence of 25,000 U.S. Troops in South Korea heightens the suspicions and anxieties of Kim Jong un and the North Korean people. Trump has become blind to the need for diplomacy.

The Willpower To Uphold Life

by Jesse Jackson 11-01-1980

The question of life is the question of the 20th century.