Jennifer Robinson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa. She has spent the last six years managing refugee camps in South Sudan, Iraq, Greece, and Bangladesh, and now consults as at trainer in refugee camp management. Jennifer is also working on an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. Her work in progress is titled Unsettled: A Memoir on Missions, Aid Work and the Journey Between Them.

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John Allen Chau Was a Product of the Missions Marketing System

by Jennifer Robinson 11-30-2018

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Like Chau, I wanted to be a missionary from the time I was a teenager. I too gorged myself on the stories of Bruce Olsen and David Livingstone. Inspired by their attempts to spread the Gospel around the world, I graduated from high school a year early and enrolled in a two-year missionary school in Florida. Jesus, I believed, would not return until every people group on earth had received the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus. Someone would have to go. If not me, then who? This is one of the exact questions Chau left behind in a letter to his friends and family.