Rev. Jennifer Butler (@RevJenButler) is CEO of Faith in Public Life, a network of 50,000 faith leaders united in the pursuit of justice and human dignity. She is the author of the new book, Who Stole my Bible: Reclaiming Scripture as a Handbook for Resisting Tyranny. She was chair of the President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships under the Obama administration. Learn more by checking out her website.

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Can Pastors Endorse Candidates on Social Media?

by Jennifer Butler 10-16-2020
And other answers to your Johnson Amendment questions.

Churches have been barred from directly supporting or opposing candidates since the passage of the Johnson Amendment in 1954. But pastors can still work on the election in meaningful ways without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status, so long as they are mindful of the rules.

Every American Must Be Counted — Even in a Pandemic

by Jennifer Butler 04-01-2020

Faith leaders are working creatively to spread the word about the census by posting information on social media, preaching on the census during remote worship services, and placing op-eds in local outlets. We will not let a global pandemic stop us from making sure every person in this country receives the representation and resources they deserve.

This Mother's Day: Don’t Leave Immigrant Moms Behind

by Jennifer Butler 05-09-2018

This Mother’s Day, I have a word for members of Congress about our immigration system: Don’t leave moms behind. Don’t keep families apart. Remember how important family is to you.

As SCOTUS Hears Arguments for Muslim Ban, We Will Stand Against It

by Jennifer Butler 04-23-2018

Image by Rebekah Fulton, Sojourners

On April 25, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Hawaii v. Trump, the case that will decide whether President Trump’s latest Muslim ban — which bans nationals from Muslim-majority countries, indefinitely — violates our country’s treasured belief in religious freedom. If maintained by the Supreme Court, this ban would communicate to our Muslim, immigrant, and refugee neighbors that our doors are permanently closed to them. This is not only shameful — it’s fundamentally wrong.

What Lawmakers Can Learn From the Stoneman Douglas Shooting Survivors

by Jennifer Butler 03-14-2018

Students release white doves outside Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta, Calif., as part of a National School Walkout to honor the victims of the shooting at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Image via Reuters/Kyle Grillot

Scripture calls us to do the things that lead to peace. Why then do we choose the path of violence?

People of Faith Aren’t Exempt From Loving Their Neighbor

by Jennifer Butler 10-16-2017

Image via RNS/Flickr Creative Commons/Dushan Wegner

Yet this administration’s guidelines would allow businesses and government employees to pick and choose who they will serve. As a pastor, I have to ask: What religion champions spitting in people’s faces rather than turning the other cheek? How is God’s love shown through public humiliation, hate, or depriving LGBT people of a job or services?

Does Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board Have Anything Better to Say?

by Jennifer Butler 09-01-2017

Members of Trump’s council even told evangelical author and commentator Jonathan Merritt that they could not think of a comment or behavior that would trigger their resignation. It appears that any behavior, including serial adultery or sexual assault, is excusable to these leaders when committed by the president. 

'White' Is Not Why This Country Is Great

by Jennifer Butler 05-12-2016

Image via /

White Christian nationalism is back in full force. White Christians will need to do everything in their power to stop it — even those of us who avoid politics. When interviewed about Donald Trump’s success last week on NPR, former Republican presidential candidate and adviser to three presidents Pat Buchanan argued for a white, homogenous America, claiming that diversity of language and culture undermines our nation. 

White nationalism is idolatry, plain and simple. As Christians our allegiance is to God, not to the American flag. “God’s country” is not the U.S.A but the whole human race, which is created in the image of God — no matter the race, no matter the religion. Our biblical alarm bells should go off when we hear candidates or neighbors say the U.S. is more special to God than other countries, particularly if it's that our whiteness is what makes us great. This is heresy. 

Why the Pope Is Right and Russell Moore Is Wrong About the Death Penalty

by Jennifer Butler 03-01-2016

Mark Navarette, on California's death row. Image via REUTERS/Stephen Lam/RNS

Pope Francis continues his drumbeat for a global moratorium on the death penalty. This is a wake-up call not just for Catholics, but also for all Christian leaders and lawmakers to reflect and take action.The words of the world’s most popular faith leader in fact come at a time when religious communities are questioning the death penalty theologically and biblically. Opposition to the death penalty even among conservative Christians continues to mount, as evident in the National Association of Evangelicals’ thoughtful reconsideration of its strong support of the death penalty.