Jeffrey Thomson, author of the forthcoming Museum of Objects Burned by the Souls in Purgatory, is a memoirist, translator, and editor. He lives in Maine.

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Infinite Jest

by Jeffrey Thomson 04-29-2021
A poem.
Illustration of a man looking to his side, surrounded by abstract swirls and plants all in an orange hue.

Illustration by Mikita Rasolka

Lorenzo was mortar for the church
he built, gathering wild birds
for the rafters and fruited trees
for their food. He carted stone
and hoisted, he pestled, he block-
and-tackled. Persecuted
by Valerian and about to be
arrested, Lorenzo goat-herded
the church’s wealth, distributed it
to the poor. He paid the unmade
orphans, clothed the lepers
in money. He sold the sacred
vessels, the varied trestles.