Former Web Editor and Intern at Sojourners

Jeannie hails from the lush suburbs of San Diego, where it is just as common to see birds of paradise growing along the freeway as it is to see a gleaming red arrow pointing you to hamburger heaven, otherwise known as In-N-Out. By the time she graduated high school, the comforts of home proved to be too, well, comfortable! And so she left to brave the frigid winters of Pittsburgh, where she studied English literature and professional writing at Carnegie Mellon University. After four years, the masochist in her decided she needed to subject herself to more bad weather, and so she moved to Wheaton, Ill., to study American church history at Wheaton College. There she learned that while cold is bad, cold plus wind is even worse. She returned home, hung up her down parka, and finally entered the working world as an editor at Outreach Magazine and youth pastor at Temecula Calvary Korean Church. After many late deadline nights and trips to Pinkberry with her students, God called her to Sojourners in Washington, D.C. She couldn’t be happier.

These days, Jeannie spends most of her time fiddling with syntax, thinking up new web initiatives, and learning from veteran Sojourners editors. Her idea of a perfect afternoon includes black coffee, a good book, and her magnificent sister.

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Double-Edged Flash Drive of Jesus

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

“Thy word is a [USB flash drive] unto my feet” is the good news that the folks over at The Amazing Bible Cross are singing.

A Broken System

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009
Prison Stats

Hope on Death Row?

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

In October, the families of crime victims and the families of perpetrators came together for a common cause: Abolish the death penalty in Montana.

A Conversation with Walter Brueggemann

by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

Walter Brueggemann talks with Sojourners' Assistant Editor Jeannie Choi about the culture of autonomy as the cause of the economic crisis, and the spirit of community that could bring us to true pr

A How-To Video on Contemplative Prayer

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

Sojourners editors Rose Marie Berger and Jeannie Choi demonstrate simple contemplative prayer practices that anyone can adopt into their own worship habits.

Eating With the Enemy

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

More than 300 religious and political leaders met in New York in September to break bread with an unlikely dinner guest: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Common Security Club members share their stories

by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009
Listen in on conversations with two common security club members

Lennon Forgiven

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

In November, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano reported that John Lennon is officially forgiven for his 1966 quip that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus,&rdquo

A Conversation with Emmanuel Katongole

by Jeannie Choi 01-01-2009

Listen in to our conversation with Emmanuel M. Katongole, a Catholic priest of the Kampala archdiocese in Uganda and co-director of the Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School.

A Conversation with Valerie Weaver-Zercher about parenting without labels

by Jeannie Choi 01-01-2009

Listen in as Valerie Weaver-Zercher shares how she avoids "branding" her children while raising them in a label-obsessed world.

Photo Memos to President Obama

by Jeannie Choi 01-01-2009

About a week before my first day on the job at Sojourners, a very exciting piece of news made its way around the office: Barack Obama had worked out at the gym across the street from Sojourners.

The latest news on Rwandan Convicted, China-Somali Pirates, Chrysler, the Dollar, Iraqi Officials, Shapiro, Madoff, Rick Warren, China, OPEC, and Iraq.

by Jeannie Choi 12-18-2008

The latest news on Zimbabwe Leader Shot, A.N.C. Splinter Party, Arne Duncan, China, Paris, Fed Rate Cut, Somalia, and Israel.

by Jeannie Choi 12-16-2008

The latest news on the Bush Shoe Attack, Caroline Kennedy, Britain-Pakistan, Greece, Somalia, Thailand, Haiti, Hamas, and Blagojevich Impeachment.

by Jeannie Choi 12-15-2008

The latest news on Greek Protests, Zimbabwe Cholera, Blagojevich, Blackwater, Auto Bailout, Obama Transition, Economic Crisis, India-Pakistan, and South Korea Beef.

by Jeannie Choi 12-10-2008

Your Photo Memos to Barack Obama

by Jeannie Choi 12-03-2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

The latest news on the Mumbai Attacks, Cluster-bomb Ban, Richardson Commerce Secretary, Zimbabwe, Auto Industry, Private Job Losses, Congo, North Korea, Episcopal Church Split, and Right of Conscience Rule.

by Jeannie Choi 12-03-2008

New Orleans, Three Years After

by Jeannie Choi 12-01-2008

The Gulf Coast—and New Orleans, specifically—is far from recovered after being ravaged in 2005 by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The latest news on China, Safe Haven, U.S. Dominance, Obama Transition, Hillary Clinton, Citigroup, Guantanamo, Al-Qaida, Economy, Stock Market, Auto Industry, Unemployment, and Baghdad

by Jeannie Choi 11-21-2008

Video: How to Make Christmas Ornaments from Credit Cards

by Jeannie Choi 11-21-2008

The word "plastic" means "anything which can be easily shaped or sculpted" (actually, an even older meaning is "sculptor")