Former Web Editor and Intern at Sojourners

Jeannie hails from the lush suburbs of San Diego, where it is just as common to see birds of paradise growing along the freeway as it is to see a gleaming red arrow pointing you to hamburger heaven, otherwise known as In-N-Out. By the time she graduated high school, the comforts of home proved to be too, well, comfortable! And so she left to brave the frigid winters of Pittsburgh, where she studied English literature and professional writing at Carnegie Mellon University. After four years, the masochist in her decided she needed to subject herself to more bad weather, and so she moved to Wheaton, Ill., to study American church history at Wheaton College. There she learned that while cold is bad, cold plus wind is even worse. She returned home, hung up her down parka, and finally entered the working world as an editor at Outreach Magazine and youth pastor at Temecula Calvary Korean Church. After many late deadline nights and trips to Pinkberry with her students, God called her to Sojourners in Washington, D.C. She couldn’t be happier.

These days, Jeannie spends most of her time fiddling with syntax, thinking up new web initiatives, and learning from veteran Sojourners editors. Her idea of a perfect afternoon includes black coffee, a good book, and her magnificent sister.

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Making Places and People Bloom

by Jeannie Choi 05-01-2009

Whether it's the South Bronx or rural North Carolina, visionary activist Majora Carter argues that cleaning up our act is good for us -- and the economy.

The Green Industrial Revolution

by Jeannie Choi 05-01-2009

How Green For All is building a nationwide green-collar economy.

M2EP Live Video: Sunday Evening Worship Service

by Jeannie Choi 04-27-2009
The Mobilization to End Poverty kicked off last night with a wonderful leaders "meet and greet" session and worship service at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

M2EP Live Video: Sojo Offices Before The Mobilization

by Jeannie Choi 04-24-2009
Sojourners staff is hard at work preparing for the upcoming Mobilization to End Poverty. I decided to take my handy little flipcam around the office to see how everyone was doing.

Will Africa Say No to Nukes?

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 04-01-2009

When two more African na­tions ratify the Pelindaba anti-nuclear weapons treaty, the globe’s Southern hemisphere will become a nuclear weapons-free zone.

Nuts and Bolts

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 04-01-2009
Best Product

How to Keep Track of $20,000,000,000?

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 04-01-2009

"The Coalition Provisional Authority [in Iraq] failed to keep detailed accounts of how most of the Iraqi money was spent,” according to an audit report released in February by the Office of S

Sex and the Seminary

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 04-01-2009

The Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing published a report in January that found U.S. seminaries and rabbinical schools were sorely lacking in sexuality training.

Interview with Robert Brenneman

by Jeannie Choi 04-01-2009

Robert Brenneman is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Notre Dame studying Central American gangs.

From the Twittersphere: Peace, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll

by Jeannie Choi 03-31-2009
It was the cover that caught my attention. Rolling hills of farmland in lush green and yellow. So simple, yet so attractive.

Recommended Reading from the Twittersphere

by Jeannie Choi 03-16-2009
If you all didn't know already, Sojourners has a twitter account! It's been a lot of fun communicating with all of you "followers" on twitter.

Gaza's Peace Road?

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009

City Hires Ethicist for Hard Choices

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009

Like many U.S. municipalities, Alexandria, Virginia, is facing financial cuts. But in an unusual move, city officials hired ethicist Michael A.

Interview with Pamela Porter

by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009

Poet Pamela Porter shares about her discovery of rare photos taken by Thomas Merton during his search for a hermitage.

The Giving Plate

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009

In the wake of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depres­sion, tens of millions of Americans have suffered substantial financial losses, with many losing their savings, homes, and jobs.

Interview with Aaron Scott

by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009

Aaron Scott is a second-year M.A. candidate at Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University in New York, and is also a staff member at the Poverty Initiative. In this interview, Scott shares with Assistant Editor Jeannie Choi about the difficulties of living in poverty and the great victories The Poverty Initiative has experienced while working with the poor communities in New York.

Interview with Onleilove Alston

by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009

Onleilove Alston was a 2008 Beatitudes Society Fellow at Sojourners.

Real Product

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 03-01-2009
Increasing Jesus

Video: How to Make Radical Valentine Veggies

by Jeannie Choi 02-11-2009
Hey, want to celebrate your love of your honey *and* your love of God's creation?

Double-Edged Flash Drive of Jesus

by Rose Marie Berger, by Jeannie Choi 02-01-2009

“Thy word is a [USB flash drive] unto my feet” is the good news that the folks over at The Amazing Bible Cross are singing.