Jayce Hafner serves as the Domestic Policy Analyst for The Episcopal Church, representing the Church's policies on climate change and domestic poverty to U.S. Congress and the Administration.

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I'm Ready to Evangelize... About Climate Change

by Jayce Hafner 04-28-2016

Image via Zacarias Pereira da Mata / Shutterstock.com

I’m a Christian, but I’m not a natural evangelizer. Talking about my faith has never come easily to me, and I prefer to quietly live my beliefs rather than speak about them. Even as a legislative advocate for the Episcopal Church, I am more at ease discussing policy ramifications than quoting scripture. Still, one urgent policy issue in particular has forced me to reconsider my distaste for religious language and challenged me to voice my faith. Galvanized by the urgency of this challenge, I’m ready to evangelize — about climate change.