Jason Hess, CJ is a husband, father, ordained minister with Next Leadership Association, and a third order Franciscan. Additionally, he is in the very early stages of planting a church through Anchor Mission USA. You can find more of his writings at his blog – http://www.ecksermonator.com.

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Christians Do Not Have Freedom of Speech

by Jason Hess, CJ 07-11-2012
Red tape over mouth photo, Stefan Redel / Shutterstock.com

Image via Stefan Redel / Shutterstock.com.

One of the things that make America so great is the ability to express yourself, much to the joy, and even pain, of those around you. The freedom of speech is a two-edged sword and more often than not the one who wields it doesn’t fully grasp the power behind it.

Sadly there is no better example of poor usage of this freedom than when directed at the political arena. While late night talk show hosts have always taken shots at the President; now with social media outlets everyone has their two-cents to share … truth is most people would do well to learn the value of biting their tongue.

While I find great joy in the liberty found within the Freedom of Speech, I’ve come to realize that while it’s an American right it’s also much bigger than that … it’s a human right.

However, it’s not a Christian’s right.