The Rev. Jason Chesnut, ordained in the ELCA, created and developed The Slate Project, an innovative Christian worshiping community that gathers both online and face-to-face in Baltimore City. He is a videographer, mission developer, and certified biblical storyteller who also founded ANKOSfilms, a company dedicated to (a) (n)ew (k)ind (o)f (s)torytelling. A native of San Marcos, Texas, Jason graduated from Texas Lutheran University and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He loves riding motorcycles and watching movies when he...umm...has time?

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I’m a Pastor With Depression. For Years I Thought I Had to Hide It.

by Jason Chesnut 05-10-2017

My depression is frustratingly, deeply, a part of me. My brain chemistry is wired in such a way that I struggle, through no fault of my own. But I do not struggle alone. As a Christian leader, this is my fervent hope and prayer.

An Open Letter to Christian Men (From One of You)

by Jason Chesnut 02-17-2014

Word Collage on Stop Violence Against Women. Via mypokcik/Shutterstock

Christian men - males who are caught up in the ancient, raw, and radical Jesus movement, this is to you:

It's high time we say something, do something - good Christian men, stand up. Women are being raped and sexually abused across the world, and we continue to theologically shrug our shoulders. It's just the way it is, we say.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we turn a blind eye to the ways in which our holy scriptures have sanctioned this throughout history.