Jarrod McKenna is the co-founder of First Home Project, a community welcoming, housing and “giving a hand up not a hand-out” to recently arrived refugees, is the Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Perth, was a part of initiating the #LoveMakesAWay movement, and is a peace award winning nonviolent social change trainer, working primarily in the Middle East and Eastern Europe when not at home.

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Interview: Jim Wallis Reaches Out to Glenn Beck Down Under

by Jarrod McKenna 10-06-2010
I'm impressed by several things. One being people who love well and whose presence disarms in such a way that others can be received as they are.

A Salvation Army for the Earth

by Jarrod McKenna 07-13-2010
This video from "Just Salvos Live" is a great initiative from the Salvation Army in Australia that intros young peeps to some of the issues that surround how climate change affects the poorest of p

Vandana Shiva: Gandhi, MLK, and the Way of Jesus in the Obama Administration

by Jarrod McKenna 07-09-2010
God gets at us in the funniest of ways. Just this week the Spirit stirred in me while reading an interview with one of my heroes, Vandana Shiva. The reporter from YES!

'No Stranger to Danger': RIP Quaker, Lawyer, Indigenous Peace Warrior Waratah

by Jarrod McKenna 06-23-2010
Sad news for so many of us in the peace and human rights movement this morning to hear our friend Waratah Rose Gillespie has passed away.

Cosmic Child Abuse?: Mark Driscoll, N.T. Wright and Atonement that does Jesus Justice

by Jarrod McKenna 05-21-2010
British Evangelist Steve Chalke upset a lot of evangelicals of a reformed bent with two little paragraphs in (his book that has so much worth reading in it beyond what has got all the attention)

A Generation Making Poverty Personal

by Jarrod McKenna 05-07-2010

"My father was born by a river bed and left to die. My mother grew up in extreme poverty. They made it. I am their story, they inspire me!" These are the words of my new friend Rudo, an amazing young woman from Zimbabwe who has come through so much and has now been chosen to be one of a thousand ambassadors of the Make Poverty History Road Trip who next week are acting to make history.

Fight or Die: How to Lose Friends and Irritate People

by Jarrod McKenna 04-21-2010

This video clip by The Work of The People is going to upset a lot of people.


This Is What the Emerging Church Looks Like?

by Jarrod McKenna 04-12-2010

'Christian' Militias and Tavis Smiley's MLK Documentary

by Jarrod McKenna 03-31-2010
Many are wondering of what to make of the shameful association of the word "Christian" with "militia." Understandably, with Christianity being associated with something so anti-Jesus, one might wan

A Major Victory for the Peace Movement Down Under

by Jarrod McKenna 03-17-2010
Through tears I write this post as breaking news of the Waihopai Plowshares activists have been found by a New Zealand jury "NOT GUILTY!"

Audio: Social Justice on Australian Christian Radio

by Jarrod McKenna 02-26-2010
Question: How would America's largest mainstream Christian radio stations respond to issues of social justice for the poorest of poor, climate change, and nonviolence?

Easy Hate, Hard Love, Cornel West, and Barack Obama

by Jarrod McKenna 02-16-2010
Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us, "Hatred paralyses life; love releases it.

Haiti and Anti-Evangelist Pat Robertson's 'Gospel' of Disgrace

by Jarrod McKenna 01-14-2010
Sam Harris, Richard Dawkin, and Christopher Hitchens have nothing on the greatest evangelist of atheism today, Pat Robertson.

South Park, Eco-Prophets, and Whale Wars

by Jarrod McKenna 01-13-2010
South Park famously set up how the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is "branded" as a group of "hardcore-any-means-necessary-pirates." In reality

An Activism that Loves its Enemies

by Jarrod McKenna 12-29-2009
Sad news from Sydney as a headline for the ABC read, "Abusive letter suspect 'a peace activist'".

Climate Justice Clips: Reversing the Magnificat in Copenhagen

by Jarrod McKenna 12-17-2009
350 might be the most important number in the world at the moment.

Obama's Nobel Speech: What If?

by Jarrod McKenna 12-17-2009
What if? What if Obama's speech had not simply referenced Gandhi and King but followed them in following the way of Jesus?

Climate Justice Clips: Archbishop Rowan Williams on 'Fashioning a Christian Response' to the Climate Crisis

by Jarrod McKenna 12-16-2009

Many would have read reports of Rowan Williams wonderful sermon in Copenhagen. Below are some of my favorite quotes. What some may have missed is this fantastic talk he gave. ...

Climate Justice Clips: More of Tutu's Message to Copenhagen, 'Join the Winning Side'

by Jarrod McKenna 12-14-2009


Climate Justice Clips: The Real Conspiracy at Copenhagen

by Jarrod McKenna 12-08-2009


This is analogous to the indulgences that the Catholic Church sold in the middle ages. The bishops collected lots of money and the sinners got redemption. Both parties liked that arrangement despite its absurdity. That is exactly what's happening...