Jamar A. Boyd II is a graduate of the DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University.

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'The Word of God Gives Us the Remedy Amid Crisis'

by Jamar A. Boyd II 05-12-2020

"I think that the word of God gives us the remedy for a lot when crisis comes. I think that the reality of our theology has to do with the theodicy of God — why does God allow bad things to happen? There’s the communicating, conveying, and teaching about managing crisis; 'How does God view crisis? Is he the author of crisis or is the crisis that we see an experience in our world as a result of something else or someone else?' So really, [ we are] educating our people teaching them the word of God, and using scripture as an example of how to survive, almost any kind of crisis." 

The Power of Black Women in Politics

by Jamar A. Boyd II 03-30-2020

Barbara Jordan  September 25, 1974. Image via Wikimedia Commons. 

Being black in America is a privilege coupled with unique challenges. The privilege is possessing a heritage authentic to only our diaspora no matter how littered and pained our history may be. As a black man, I did not understand the challenges wholly until I grew older. For black women, the challenges are similar but with added layers that exist because of our American male driven capitalistic based economic silo.

Resilience and Sacred Memory Are Tenets of Survival

by Jamar A. Boyd II 03-03-2020

Image via Wikimedia Commons 

Amid the reality of racism, resistance, and restraint, I witnessed my grandfather commit his life to bettering the place he’s always known as home. The servant leadership of my paternal grandparents highlights my family’s legacy in South Carolina.

Pro-Gun Groups and the Lust for White Power

by Jamar A. Boyd II 01-31-2020

A vendor sells pins as gun rights advocates and militia members attend rally in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. Image via REUTERS/Jim Urquhart. 

We must carefully observe and acknowledge that many black and brown people consistently witness the senseless deaths of individuals at the hands of racists, supremacists, and those inflicting direct harm on Christian and non-Christian houses of worship. 

Plantation Weddings Erase a Legacy of Terror

by Jamar A. Boyd II 12-30-2019

Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash

With picturesque homes and landscapes, plantations promote a false message of comfort and simplicity. But the people who worked the grounds, managed the home, and fostered their families enjoyed none of the supposed serenity.

Listening to the Language of the Disenfranchised

by Jamar A. Boyd II 12-02-2019

Image via REUTERS/Laurel Chor

The similarities here are not only due to the presence of death and violence, but high tensions between government and people. Here we’ve witnessed images of police exercising excessive force on protestors, extensive arrests of nonviolent demonstrators, and vile displays of militarization in neighborhood streets, much like in Baltimore, Compton, and other cities in the U.S.

Kanye's 'Sunday Service' Can't Replace the Work of Black Churches

by Jamar A. Boyd II 10-28-2019

Kanye West performs at the Way Out West festival on Aug. 13, 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Credit: Shutterstock. 

Kanye West draws upon the storied history of black communal worship and gospel music. 

Chicken Consciousness: A Matter of Chicken or Wages

by Jamar A. Boyd II 09-26-2019

Credit: Shutterstock

Lost in the debate was concern about the employees preparing the sandwich, their hours, and compensation.

When the Youth Rise: How the NAACP's Youth & College Division Transformed Activism

by Jamar A. Boyd II 08-06-2019

Sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter: Tallahassee, Florida Date: March 13, 1960

During the 110th National Convention of the NAACP in Detroit, Mich., thousands of delegates from the Youth & College Division attended. Convention enables moments of intentional innovation, erects bridges of generational understanding, forges highways of collaboration, paves paths of opportunity, and preserves the legacy of the ancestors.

The Importance of a Thriving Black Church

by Jamar A. Boyd II 07-02-2019

 African Americans in church in Georgia. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Because of this immense history, power, and influence despite generations of ill treatment and racism, black churches need to thrive, continuing to speak truth to power and serve black communities beyond the sanctuary. 

How the U.S. Treats Incarcerated People Is a Miscarriage of Justice

by Jamar A. Boyd II 06-11-2019

The continued demise of faith in this nation’s criminal justice system, elected officials, and government will increase wherever injustice is maintained in the name of “doing just enough”. If America is truly to be one nation, it must address and correct its patterns of injustice and persistent denials of full personhood for those who belong in this country and society.

The $40-million Morehouse Loan Payoff Illuminates Student Debt Crisis for Black Grads

by Jamar A. Boyd II 05-24-2019

The student debt crisis in America is currently at its worst, making it more difficult for minorities, specifically African Americans, to attend four year colleges — especially private institutions as Morehouse College. It is estimated the average full-time tuition at Morehouse was $25,368 in the latest academic year. But with other expenses like room and board, books, and fees, the total can be above $48,000.

Black Churches Are As Sacred As Notre Dame

by Jamar A. Boyd II 04-18-2019

The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Opelousas, Louisiana, U.S. April 4, 2019 is pictured after a fire in this picture obtained from social media. Picture taken April 4, 2019. Courtesy Louisiana Office Of State Fire Marshal/Handout via REUTERS

The stark contrast in media coverage and social concern reveals the deep and isolated silos which humanity can and chooses to abide within, magnifying the complex avenues of empathy and sympathy while examining the enactment of independent agencies to ensure certain spaces and structures are protected or resurrected.

When White Privilege Is Disguised as Meritocracy

by Jamar A. Boyd II 03-18-2019

Images via DFree/Shutterstock 

The idea that black and brown students possess the intellectual prowess to compete and succeed alongside their white counterparts is not a myth, it’s a fact. But, historically, black and brown students have not been allowed to showcase this intelligence in institutions of higher education.

Unashamedly Black

by Jamar A. Boyd II 02-21-2019
Honoring Blackness Then and Now

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

It is also from this rage and this discontent that Black people in America created and orchestrated their own culture, ensuring that legacy and heritage would exist for their children. They gathered in “hush harbors” to worship their God and Maker, absent of slaveholder religion and influence, tapping into the untampered presence of the Holy Spirit and the deities of the Motherland. They took the slop and remains of the plantation and created a delicacy now known as “soul food”.

It’s Only a Matter of When

by Jamar A. Boyd II 01-25-2019

Within American culture many have heard the phrase, “as a matter of fact,” utilized in moments of intense debate or discussion. Yet, today the phrase utilized is, “a matter of when?” When will the current trek of looming destruction reach its apex?

The Deadly Apathy of White America

by Jamar A. Boyd II 09-10-2018

America is still led by an apathetic majority void of compassion, empathy, and sympathy. A majority unable and unwilling to confess their biases, hate, phobia, and toxicity, making themselves apathetic to the reality of African Americans. From their perspective intentional and toxic discrimination, racism, and police practices is not their problem; they have no role in this plight and degradation.

America Still Doesn't Care About Black and Brown Bodies

by Jamar A. Boyd II 08-01-2018

Image via Shutterstock/ Lucas Maverick Greyson 

America’s allegiance is not to black and brown bodies. It is bound to prejudice, racism, militarism, and violence predominantly against people of color. And while Black Lives Matter rose as a voice and movement for black lives, the NAACP’s Youth & College Division amplified its voice, and black Americans across this nation cried out, the American majority kept quiet.

America Watches Black Pain. Then We Move On

by Jamar A. Boyd II 05-29-2018

Metro Davidson County Police inspect the scene of a fatal shooting at a WaffleHouse restaurant near Nashville, Tennessee, U.S., April 22, 2018. REUTERS/Harrison McClary. 

I mentioned these incidents not solely because I’m a black man in America, but because our attention is easily swayed away from these incidents. They are uncomfortable and authentic truths and possible realities for all minorities in America. They are most certainly the fear of most black youth, young adults, persons, and parents in this country. The possibility that you can/could be killed for being ‘Black in America’ is daunting.

The Sacred Space of the Mind

by Jamar A. Boyd II 04-10-2018

The sacred space of the mind in black men and women in 2018 must be reclaimed, reexamined, recalibrated, and reignited for the fight that is ours.