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Video: Vulture Funds' Absurd Assaults on the Global Poor

by Hayley Hathaway 05-19-2010
Do secondary debt markets, hedge funds, and offshore banking make you want to dance? Probably not.

Victory for Haiti Debt Cancellation!

by Hayley Hathaway 02-08-2010
For those of us who work for social justice, victory can seem elusive.

Break the Chains of Haiti's Debt

by Hayley Hathaway 02-02-2010
Over the last few weeks, we have seen an incredible international response to the tragic earthquake in Haiti. U.S. citizens are generously giving; the U.S.

Vulture Funds Feed on the Global Poor

by Hayley Hathaway 12-07-2009

Liberia is the most recent country to fall into the talons of a "vulture fund." Last week, British courts ruled that Liberia has to pay $20 million to two vulture funds, Wall Capital Ltd. and Hamsah Investments, for a debt that dates back to 1978.

G-20: The Global South Is Too Big To Fail

by Hayley Hathaway 09-22-2009
As pundits and politicians wield fighting words over the domestic health-care crisis, another group is getting ready to combat a different crisis -- one which, unless it's resolved quickly, will ca

IMF Needs a Reality Check, Not a Blank Check

by Hayley Hathaway 06-04-2009
Earlier last month, President Obama requested $108 billion in new money for the International Monetary Fund to show the world that we stood up for our commitments to fighting the global recession.