Hannah Mecaskey

Hannah Mecaskey became Catholic officially three years ago on April 11th, though her journey towards the Catholic Church began while she was starting high school. She wasn’t attracted to the absolute truth claims of this church, but the possibilities of faith practice within it.  She was amazed that one church could include the possibility of celibacy as well as marriage, mystical and rational traditions. At St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Oakland, Calif., where she and her fiancé have begun to be involved since the Lenten season, Hannah sees both this sense of diversity as well as the community she has searched for her whole life. This post originally appeared via St. Augustine's Young Adult Ministry website.

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Losing Touch With Jesus

by Hannah Mecaskey 07-03-2012

It’s such an easy thing to do,
To overshoot and lose touch with You;
Surrounded by everyday anxieties,
Add to them that you’re not too sensible to me,
And then you get me giving my all,
And then some,
Stretching and hoping,
Reaching and crying out for more of you
In my everyday moments.
I think that all simply misses the point.
You are present in my flesh and blood,
My soul but my pumping heart,
My thinking brain,
My biking legs and lifting arms.
I must believe you are more present
Than I know you to be....