Editorial Assistant

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. In May 2019, I graduated from Bluffton University with a degree in convergent media and journalism. Though I grew up in a Southern Baptist church community, I was significantly influenced by Anabaptist emphases on peace, justice, and nonviolence while at Bluffton.

I come to Sojourners with a desire to think critically and respond meaningfully to the biblical question, “What then shall I do?” (Luke 3:10). The work of truth-seeking and respectful listening is foundationally important to me, and I am inspired by the task of Sojourners to seek truth in their coverage of faith, politics, and culture. Working toward justice is a divinely relational and restorative process, and I’m excited to learn from those who so beautifully embody and embrace the biblical call to social justice.

I believe there is power in well-told stories and meals shared with friends. In my spare time, I enjoy perusing thrift stores, visiting art museums, and chatting about religious rhetoric. I am endlessly grateful for my family’s love and for all the guidance I’ve received from my great friends and mentors at Bluffton University — Marathana Prothro, Dr. Gerald Mast, Pastor Stephen “Tig” Intagliata, and many more.