Editorial Assistant

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. In May 2019, I graduated from Bluffton University with a degree in convergent media and journalism. Though I grew up in a Southern Baptist church community, I was significantly influenced by Anabaptist emphases on peace, justice, and nonviolence while at Bluffton.

I come to Sojourners with a desire to think critically and respond meaningfully to the biblical question, “What then shall I do?” (Luke 3:10). The work of truth-seeking and respectful listening is foundationally important to me, and I am inspired by the task of Sojourners to seek truth in their coverage of faith, politics, and culture. Working toward justice is a divinely relational and restorative process, and I’m excited to learn from those who so beautifully embody and embrace the biblical call to social justice.

I believe there is power in well-told stories and meals shared with friends. In my spare time, I enjoy perusing thrift stores, visiting art museums, and chatting about religious rhetoric. I am endlessly grateful for my family’s love and for all the guidance I’ve received from my great friends and mentors at Bluffton University — Marathana Prothro, Dr. Gerald Mast, Pastor Stephen “Tig” Intagliata, and many more.

Posts By This Author

‘I Absolutely Have No Excuse to Give Up'

by Hannah Conklin 06-17-2020
A Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas

Image via Union Theological Seminary / Michael Barker

One of the reasons I liked going to church was because I loved hearing stories about Jesus. One of the most compelling, yet saddest, stories I heard was about his manger birth. As a little girl, I simply could not understand how people could allow a baby to be born in a cold barn, in a manger. I cried every time we sang, “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed. The little Lord Jesus Lay down His sweet head.” Every time I heard that hymn, I was reminded of the little girl and boy I had seen on that rainy evening. Somehow, I instinctively knew that there was a connection between Jesus’ manger birth and their inner-city life.

‘The ‘Ongoingness' of the Work Is Really What Matters'

by Hannah Conklin 05-07-2020
A Conversation with Julia Alvarez

Brandon Cruz González / El Vocero de Puerto Rico

Julia Alvarez is a Dominican American novelist, poet, and recipient of a National Medal of Arts award. Her latest novel, Afterlife, came out in April, and her latest children’s book, Already a Butterfly: A Meditation Story, will be released in June. “A Glimpse of the Garden,” an essay by Alvarez on centering prayer, appears in the June issue of Sojourners magazine. Alvarez spoke with editorial assistant, Hannah Conklin, about her newly released books, the connection between her work and spiritual practices, and finding hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.