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Whose Evangelical?

by George Mitrovich 02-01-2012

Soong-Chan Rah’s article on “Salt, Light, and Social Change” in the November 2011 issue was of special interest. I take no fault with it, save this: It is a mistake to use “evangelicalism” as an all-encompassing word. Evangelicalism as practiced by Sojourners and evangelicalism as practiced by fundamentalists are not the same.

Sargent Shriver: Another Giant Has Fallen

by George Mitrovich 01-19-2011
Sargent Shriver was one of the most attractive, dynamic, and accomplished men of his time. When President John F. Kennedy chose Mr.

Christians, Jews, and Good Friday

by George Mitrovich 04-02-2010
As a Christian, I have a high level of sensitivity toward Jews, of a never-ending sense to be protective of their religion

Kennedy: A Record of Public Service for Social Justice

by George Mitrovich 08-28-2009
The death of Sen. Edward Moore Kennedy marked the end of a remarkable era in the life of our country. Camelot, a time of hope, grows distant, its memories receding.

A Father's Day Remembrance

by George Mitrovich 06-16-2009
On the day my father died I was 1,200 miles away.