Gary Edmonds is President/CEO of Food for the Hungry, a leading international global health and development faith-based NGO in Phoenix.


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Nepal and Why Americans Need to Stop Complaining About U.S. Foreign Aid

by Gary Edmonds 05-06-2015
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Durbar Square, which was severly damaged after the major earthquake, in Kathmandu, Nepal. think4photop /

The tragedy caused by the recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake will increase as time wears on: the death toll now exceeds 7,500; injuries and damage are widespread; and some 8 million people need humanitarian aid. The Nepalese government reports that up to 90 percent of health facilities are partially damaged in the worst hit areas, and one of the largest private hospitals in the capital city of Kathmandu is inoperable. Some 1.7 million children are in need of food assistance. This crisis is only going to get worse.

In comes foreign aid.