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Erik Guzman, aka "The Merry Monk of Love," is a whiskey mystic, a silly son of God and messy martial artist. He's "the Weeping Wasichu and the Merry Monk of Love... an alter ego wrapped in an alter ego inside a disc jockey." Eric blogs at The Merry Monk.

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The Death of Cynicism

by Erik Guzman 06-27-2012

I know I’m cynical, but I didn’t know how dead I got inside.

It was easy to give up on the world. There are way better people than I failing to pull us out of our quagmire.

It was pretty easy to give up on the church too. Pick your disappointment....

So, like I said, I knew I was cynical, but I didn’t know I was about to die from my cynicism. Then I went to the Wild Goose Festival. I wasn’t healed there. Just the opposite. I was playfully wooed to mourn the passing of my younger self.