Elizabeth Stice is Associate Professor of History at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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Turning to the Past To Help Us Through the Present

by Elizabeth Stice 04-20-2020

St. Jerome by Caravaggio. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For Christians, studying history is an act of love and hope. 

How Evangelicals Fail Powerful People Like Trump

by Elizabeth Stice 10-11-2019

YouTube Trailer for Netflix's The Family. 

The message we’re sending to people in power is possibly not the Gospel message.

What Will Happen If We Lose Christian Liberal Arts Colleges?

by Elizabeth Stice 06-20-2019

In May, Gordon College announced it would no longer have a history major as a result of its restructuring. Two months earlier, Wheeling Jesuit University reduced their programs down to eight, eliminating non-professional programs and even theology. These are just two recent responses to the economic challenges currently facing nearly all Christian institutions of higher learning. Across the country, as small religious schools are in a struggle for survival, they are cutting programs and closing their doors. The distress beacon for Christian higher education is currently blinking.