Elisabeth Ivey, a writer and editor, explores themes of identity through race, gender, and mental health.

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by Elisabeth Ivey 04-27-2023
A poem
An illustration of a bird engulfed in flames with its wings spread out being held in human hands. A person's face is visible in the dark backdrop with glowing orange eyes, staring down at the bird poised over their cupped hands as feathers float downward.

Illustration by Kat Ash

I like my anger. I stoke it
like a fire, tend to it
with tender hands, cup
a hand ’round as I
blow to fan the flames

Cain's Legacy

by Elisabeth Ivey 05-25-2021
A poem.
A graphic of a women with her eye wide open and shoots of purple light coming from behind her.

Illustration by Islenia Mil

We wander round searching for demons
and making them of each other
when we find none. Out of feigned necessity,
the slightest difference becomes a reason
to tame—to vanquish—to stamp out until
we look up and catch sight of ourselves:

In the Beginning

by Elisabeth Ivey 07-21-2020
A poem.

Illustration by Jia Sung

Call this hair crazy.
but watch as it grows
outside of your gates
and beyond the walls
you’ve made to contain
me. See as it reaches
higher than anything you
ever thought of me,
shedding every lie of