Ebony JJ Curry is a native of Detroit, with master's in journalism from Northwestern Unviersity and a B.S. in Communications Media from Alabama A&M University where she interned at WAFF-48 Huntsville. 

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‘The Marathon Continues’ As Detroit Marches for Justice in America’s Unjust System

by Ebony JJ Curry 06-11-2020

On June 5, nearly 1,000 people gathered for the Belle Isle Freedom March organized by Detroit resident and former mayoral candidate Ken Snapp in response to the death of George Floyd. The one-mile march echoed the 1965 Selma march with organizers calling for peace and unity.

Detention Center Protester: 'Thou Shalt Not Be a Bystander'

by Ebony JJ Curry , by Ariana Puzzo 07-15-2019

Image via Ariana Puzzo/MEDILL

“What I see Trump and the current administration doing is going down the same path that things started in Nazi Germany,” Avjian said. “I feel that every one of us has to speak up and we can’t let the divisiveness that is permeating our country right now continue.”

Washington D.C. Communities Protest ICE Amid President's Mass Deportation Threats

by Ebony JJ Curry , by Kelly Rissman 07-01-2019

Image via Ebony Curry and Kelly Rissman 

“ICE is coming into our communities and tearing apart families and tearing apart our community on a regular basis, and they did so just again last week,” Sanctuary DMV organizer Ben Beachy said. “We need our D.C. elected officials to make D.C. a real sanctuary city, which means severing all ties with ICE.”