Diane Johnson is a member of the United Methodist Women Butler-Abram Unit of the Union Memorial United Methodist Church in St. Louis. She is a United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries retiree and served as the Executive Secretary for the Urban and Rural Ministries Offices from 1999 to 2010. She is currently a consultant for the Global Mission Connections U. S. Regional Office in Atlanta.


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Let Our Black Youth Lead the Resistance

by Diane Johnson 02-13-2017

I believe some from the older generations who were a part of the civil rights era have forgotten their roots in civil disobedience. Instead of inviting young people to be a part of planning, they speak from podiums, give grand introductions, tout their lengthy titles and positions held. Many are resentful and critical of younger activists. They believe the news media’s portrayal of Black Lives Matter instead of getting to know who these young people are.