Deanna Smith is the widow of Kenneth Eugene Smith, executed by the state of Alabama in January 2024. 

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The State of Alabama Executed My Husband

by Deanna Smith 03-25-2024
The state of Alabama executed my husband. 
The image shows six people holding up the sign language for "I love you"

Photo by Lee Hedgepeth / Tread 

WE WERE MARRIED for two years. He was full of love, compassion, didn’t hold grudges or anything like that, quick to forgive, just an amazing man. Loved his family, not just us here, but his family there at Holman [Correctional Facility]. He’s not a monster. Kibby was my nickname for him: “Kenny” and my “hubby” mushed together. This doll I am holding became Kibby Bear. It’s made from his pants. One of the guys [on death row] made it and dyed it green because that’s my favorite color. It’s got a lock of Kenny’s hair in it. It helps me feel close to him.