David Potter

Special Projects Manager

In his role as Special Projects Manager, David Potter brings his study of Conflict Transformation and experience in community development to build relationships and equip faith communities.

As a trained mediator and circle keeper, David is a listener committed to creating spaces of connection and mutuality. Before joining Sojourners, David worked in nonprofit program development in communities across the U.S. and as a Restorative Justice Practitioner in Chicago Public Schools. He comes to D.C. by way of Chicago, Minneapolis and his hometown of Akron, OH.

David spends a lot of time thinking about contemplative activism, enneagram theory, and the overlap of social justice and whiteness. When not deep in head space, he enjoys keeping house plants alive, disc golf, and brunch.

Posts By This Author

Protest, Renewed Hope In St. Louis

by David Potter 09-23-2017

Image via David Potter/Sojourners

The last time dissent rose in St. Louis, it elevated the platform of Black Lives Matter and fueled a sustained, nationwide struggle over police brutality and systemic racism.

We should not ignore the dissent rising in St. Louis again this week.

White Supremacy Versus the Gospel in Charlottesville

by David Potter 08-15-2017

Clergy protest the white supremacist rally Aug. 12. in Charlottesville, Va.. Photo by Heather Wilson (@aNomadPhotog) / Dust & Light Photo.

On Friday, I traveled to Charlottesville, Va., to bear witness. What I saw there deeply unsettled me. White supremacists, gathered for a rally at a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, boldly manifested the evil legacy of America’s original sin. Unfolding in streets throughout the city the heritage of whiteness was revealed in full display. Perhaps most disturbing was the unashamed nature of this hate-filled display: In 2017, white supremacists wear no hoods.

‘White Supremacy Will Not Win Here’: People of Faith to Counter-Protest Alt-Right Rally in Charlottesville

by David Potter 08-08-2017

Lukas Maverick Greyson / Shutterstock.com

“It is our duty as white folks to dismantle white supremacy,” Caine-Conley said. “… People of color, both black and brown bodies, have been absorbing violence since our country was created as our country. Showing up in body to absorb some of that violence and tension ourselves, to put our bodies in places that black and brown people have been for centuries, is really important as we begin to dismantle white supremacy.”

How Can Spiritual Practice Sustain Activism?

by David Potter 07-27-2017

In recognizing the challenges of working for social justice, spiritually-rooted social action provides something of substance to the people in movements. From this place of rootedness, social movements can set intentions that point towards sustainability.

What the Enneagram Can Teach Us About Beloved Community

by David Potter 03-22-2017

Image via Krenn9/WikiMedia 

Transformation, whether offered through the Enneagram or elsewhere, is limited by the courage of those who receive it. Like someone who looks in a mirror and immediately forgets what they look like after departing, knowledge is futile unless taken accountability for. We can close our eyes and pretend circumstances or negative behavior patterns don't exist, but we can't passively will our way into a new reality. Personal growth happens as a result of intentionality and a commitment to doing hard work. Those who have done the hard work of “coming alive” within themselves till rich soil. Out of this place, beloved community will flourish.