David Cortright
David Cortright

David Cortright is director of the Global Policy Initiative at Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame. His books include Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas (Cambridge University Press, 2008) and Ending Obama’s War: Responsible Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan (Paradigm Publishers, 2011).

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General Indictment

by Daniel Berrigan, by David Cortright 03-01-1999

THE TIMING COULDN'T have been more awful. A murderous spasm was loosed on Baghdad a week before Christmas; Clinton and his captive coven of generals crowded the screen, lying up a lather.

An Unexpected Calling

Gen. George Lee Butler, former commander of the nation's nuclear forces, became a proponent of nuclear abolition.

Ban the Bomb II

by David Cortright 01-01-1999
A new movement emerges to abolish nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Misdirection

by David Cortright 03-01-1998
The Cold War's over -- the threat isn't.

What To Do About Iraq?

by David Cortright, by George A. Lopez 03-01-1998
The Moral Dilemma of sanctions.