Daniel Sunkari is a writer living in Long Beach, California. He enjoys writing about faith, caste and diasporic South Asian identity. You can find more at medium.com/@dansunkari

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'Painting Against Caste Violence Is My Resistance'

by Daniel Sunkari 05-20-2019

Resurrection of Asian Jesus, resuscitating from the tomb which is full of religious fundamentalism and caste based violence.  Artist Rev. Jebasingh Samuvel 

Jesus came to liberate people. That’s what Jesus has done in his ministry. When we read Jesus’ parables and quotes in Luke’s gospel, as well as in Matthew, you can find out that Jesus is a social reformer. So that is in the Palestinian context. When we see Jesus as our God, we should contextualize him in our own context, so then we can see Jesus as our God, or else he’ll be a normal human being — like Martin Luther, Martin Luther King — but he is different from other liberators.