Colin Redemer (Ph.D. candidate, University of Aberdeen) is Vice-President of the Davenant Institute, Poetry Editor and podcast co-host for Ad Fontes, as well as a professor at St. Mary’s College, California. He also regularly lectures in Philosophy at Davenant Hall, including ongoing cycles in the works of Plato and Aristotle. His writing has appeared in the Englewood Review of BooksEvansville ReviewMarooned​, and​ the Tampa Review​.

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Needed: Peter Clavers for the Long Work of Justice

by Colin Chan Redemer 09-09-2016

The Church of St. Peter Claver in Cartagena, Colombia. Image via /

While the other Jesuits ministered to slaves and freedmen, Peter couldn’t take his mind off of the port and the bodies, both living and dead, that he had seen. He was given leave to focus his life’s work on welcoming these ships, doing acts of mercy for the living, and doing what was left to be done for the dead.

On Being Hunted by the Gospel

by Colin Chan Redemer 04-25-2016

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I love Saint Mark. I truly do. But if the apostles were in a line-up and we threw Mark in there with them, I wouldn’t be able to tell him from second Judas. Frankly I wouldn’t be able to identify half of them. At this point, some folks have likely paused to Google, “there were two Judases!?"

Why I Named My Daughter After an Executed Slave

by Colin Chan Redemer 03-07-2016

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When first married, my wife and I joined a PC(USA) church, partially out of our commitment to male-female equality. So at our new members’ class when we were asked, in a darker-timeline version of a mixer, to try and name the apostles from memory, the table my wife and I were at came up with twenty apostles (not quite what the leader had in mind). The Twelve, plus Matthias, Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Apollos, Andronicus, and of course — not to leave out my wife’s favorite — Junia.