Cody J. Sanders is author of several books and is pastor to Old Cambridge Baptist Church in Cambridge, Mass, where he also serves as American Baptist Chaplain to Harvard University and as Advisor for LGBTQ+ Affairs in the Office of Religious, Spiritual, & Ethical Life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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What the Church can Learn from Octavia Butler

by Cody J. Sanders 05-14-2020

Image via Pip R. Lagenta/Flickr 

Speculative futurism isn’t mentally escaping into a future that is either far more dystopic than our present or far more utopic than we should expect — nihilistically leaning into our sense of dread and doom, or engaging an escapist fantasy that all will be better someday and calling this ungrounded vision “hope” can both be momentarily comforting. A speculative futurist ecclesiology looks at every fault line exposed by this pandemic alongside every gift and grace it illuminates.