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Witness to Sri Lanka's Onslaught, part 2

by Christina Cobourn Herman 05-15-2009
Doctors who are working in the war zone in northern Sri Lanka

Witness to Sri Lanka's Onslaught

by Christina Cobourn Herman 05-14-2009
I know of two priests who have decided to stay with their people in the so-called No-Fire Zone in northern Sri Lanka, where tens of thousands of Tamil civilians are trapped in a living hell.

Fast For Justice

by Christina Cobourn Herman 08-01-2007

Through the Jubilee USA Congregations program, faith communities across the U.S.

Lenders and Illegitimate Debt

by Christina Cobourn Herman 08-01-2007

Asserting that "it takes two to tango," the Jubilee movement argues that it is high time lenders assume their share of responsibility for the debt crisis.

Jubilee: A Sabbath from Suffering

by Christina Cobourn Herman 08-01-2007

The Jubilee movement works to free the world's poorest countries from debt.

Corruption: Everybody's Problem

by Christina Cobourn Herman 08-01-2007

Corruption is a problem in Kenya and many countries. Where corruption is intractable, trust funds can be used to ensure that money freed by debt cancellation is used to benefit the poor.