Charles Skold is a graduate student at Harvard University getting a Master in Public Administration and also a Master of Theological Studies.

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Climate Report Shows This Is Our Joseph Moment

by Charles Skold 11-01-2018

Image by Dominik Martin. 

The new report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just delivered some really bad news: famine, drought, and starvation are potentially coming for millions of people around the globe. What does that mean for American Christians? The answer may partly lie in the Biblical story of Joseph.

In this story, God saves Egypt and the surrounding nations from a severe famine by using Joseph to prepare for the disaster in advance. Reading the IPCC report reminds me of Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream: Seven years of famine are coming, and seven years of plenty remain . Like Egypt of old, the world has famine in its future. Like Joseph, we can see it coming.