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Celia Riley is an Independent Research Analyst who has played a key role in electoral campaigns for nearly a decade. Though working for primarily Republican organizations, she considers herself bureaucratically thoughtful and devotes most of her free time to advocating for foster children in D.C. and mentoring at-risk students. 

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Chaffetz Calls for More Assistance for Congress as Senate Debates Health Care for Children in Poverty

by Celia Riley 07-05-2017

Jason Chaffetz. 
Via personaldemocracy / Flickr.com

I have spent the majority of my career working for Republican and conservative organizations. Trust me when I say this is not about political party. This is about public service and deeper than that, a heart issue of how we view “entitlements” in this country.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) officially resigned last week, and we should all rejoice in his decision to step down. Over the course of his eight years in Congress, Chaffetz has become everything citizens should be weary of: A politician who is paid $174,000 plus generous benefits, including a health care subsidy, complains about not having enough money, and proposes taxpayers cover more perks.