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Conspiracies of Hope

by Catherine Foley 06-05-2013

In “Friends Without Borders” (May 2013), Shane Claiborne writes: “Each of these peace guilds is a little conspiracy of hope in a fear-strangled, border-obsessed world.” This supports the often-stated theory that the reason we have not yet completely destroyed ourselves and the planet is because there are people of all religions praying for peace on earth. Beautiful writing on his part; wonder-filling to read on my part.      

Catherine Foley

Faith and Peace

by Catherine Foley 12-01-2011

Your article on Heartsong Church and the Memphis Islamic Center (“Peace Be Upon Them,” by Bob Smietana, September-October 2011) reminded me of the power and the responsibilities of those raised in the common Abrahamic traditions. Thank you for repeating the uplifting story.