Cassandra Lawrence is the Communications and Project Associate at the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign and a Fellow at the Institute for Community Engagement at Wesley Theological Seminary.

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The State of Religion and Politics in 2018 — and Why It Gives Me Hope

by Cassandra Lawrence 01-31-2018

Image via Rebekah Fulton/Sojourners 

And this is the America I believe in. No matter how we differ in our beliefs or practices, this country is meant to be a place where all of us feel safe and have the opportunity to thrive. So — despite demeaning rhetoric, stigmatizing policies, and acts of hatred and violence — I have hope, because I choose to see the many ways that people of faith and goodwill are pushing back. I hope that you do, too.

Two American Truths: We Are Always United and We Are Always Divided

by Cassandra Lawrence 10-03-2017

Seeing this cooperative work leaves me with a deep sense of awe for how humanity can come together. Local communities worked together even before any national or international aid agencies set up shelters. They created plans and networks, and even used Twitter to rescue strangers stranded on roofs. While my heart breaks for the lives lost and interrupted, I see all the ways God is knitting us together through these local responses. 

But also, right now, ACT for America, a major anti-Muslim hate group, is meeting in Washington, D.C. Groups like ACT for America aim to marginalize and block whole groups of people from our nation’s religious and community fabric. Both ACT for America and the founder, Brigitte Gabriel, have a long history of promoting policies at the federal and state levels that are intended to manufacture fear of Muslims and promote the false idea of Muslims as a threat to the United States.