Multimedia/Online Assistant

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and am a recent graduate of Kent State University, where I received a B.A. in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Sociology. That combination of interests — social justice and art/multimedia, along with faith — is what ultimately brought me here to Sojourners.

My heart for justice work steadily began to take shape throughout college as I connected my experiences to the theories and research studies I read in my Sociology classes. Then, as a design major, I found that my projects always followed a pattern of being justice centered, as I translated heavier topics into graphic form. I began to realize that at my core, I am someone who yearns to tell stories through different forms of media and make them accessible, while also finding ways to share my faith.

This past summer I spent time with inner-city high school students, teaching different forms of media through the lens of the Flint Water Crisis. Currently, I am passionate about educational reform and preventing the school to prison pipeline, along with issues of environmental racism, gun reform, housing injustice, and highlighting marginalized voices in media.

My other passions and hobbies include photography, filmmaking, and scouring the internet for new recipes. While at Sojourners, I hope to learn, strategize, and practice what it truly means to put faith into action, and how to capture it well. On an average day, you can find me playing The Sims 4, exploring art museums, or making music on my iPad. I am so thankful to God for how He has been leading me from season to season and to each and every person I’ve met along this life journey. So much love to my NEO Impact family, my biological family, and the friends that have become family over the years. 

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by Candace Sanders 09-16-2019

Image via Candace Sanders

Currently, Washington, D.C. has the highest incarceration rate of anywhere in the world.

PHOTOS: Traveling Interactive Art Brings Attention to Workplace Harassment

by Candace Sanders 09-10-2019

On Sept. 10, women's advocacy groups, survivors of workplace harassment, women's rights organizations, and other advocates partnered with Washington, D.C. artist Yacine Tilala Fall to create an interactive art installation designed to direct attention the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act — the first comprehensive federal legislation that addresses workplace harassment. These are photos from the gathering.