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A Call to Civil Disobedience Against the Keystone Pipeline

by Bryan Farrell 08-08-2011

Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher was sentenced recently to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine for disrupting a federal oil and gas lease auction in 2008 that was later deemed illegal. But don't cry for him. Having met the man, I can confidently say the last thing he wants is pity.

At a speaking engagement earlier this year, someone asked Tim how we could keep him from going to prison. He quickly responded, "I'm not sure keeping me out of prison is a good thing. I'd rather think about having you join me." After all, he didn't do it for himself.

The Battle of Blair Mountain Redux

by Bryan Farrell 06-14-2011

Hundreds of miners, activists, students, academics, environmentalists, and other citizens are marching to West Virginia's historic Blair Mountain in an effort to save it from mountaintop removal.

Yemen: The Difference Between a Peaceful Revolution and Violent Clashes

by Bryan Farrell 06-08-2011
Atiaf Alwazir, who runs the blog Woman from Yemen, has a new post explaining the relationship between what she calls the "peaceful

How Peer Pressure Creates Social Change

by Bryan Farrell 06-03-2011
People are rarely swayed by information alone.

Navy Honors and Discredits C

by Bryan Farrell 05-25-2011
No one delivers sad irony quite like the United States Military. Yesterday the U.S.

How To Start a Revolution: A New Film About Gene Sharp

by Bryan Farrell 03-21-2011

With all the recent and well-deserved attention on the work of Gene Sharp, it shouldn't come as any surprise that a film about the foremost living strategist of nonviolent action is soon to be released.

Wisconsin Strengthens Ties Between Labor and Environment

by Bryan Farrell 03-16-2011
Corporations have long used the false rhetoric of "jobs versus the environment" to pit what would be natural allies -- environmentalists and labor activists -- against one another.

Understanding the Protests in Egypt

by Bryan Farrell 01-27-2011
The massive anti-government protests that flared in Egypt yesterday, in which Read More

Recipes for Resistance: Cooking With GMOs

by Bryan Farrell 11-04-2010
As genetically modified organisms (GMOs) become more prevalent, so do protests against them.

Vandalism: A Dead-End Tactic at Toronto's G20

by Bryan Farrell 06-29-2010
During Saturday's nonviolent protest of about 5,000 activists outside the conference center in downtown Toronto, where leaders of the G20 were me